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[UDD / GSoC] How to enable "random" user to trigger an UDD importer


in a GSoC project Emmanouil Kiagias is rewriting blends-dev to create
architecture dependant metapackages for Blends.  The new method is using
UDD only.  For this purpose an UDD importer scans Blends VCS for the
tasks files that are specifying the metapackage layout and injects it
into an UDD table.  This works so far and usually the tasks files are
not changed that frequently that an import once per day seems to be
sufficient in normal cases.

However, if it might come to some urgend need to change the metapackages
quickly the one day delay to change the tasks and wait for an UDD update
might become inacceptable.  So I wonder whether there is some reasonable
way to trigger the UDD importer.

At first sight you could come up with the idea to use a commit hook that
starts the importer once a tasks file has changed.  IMHO this is not
necessarily a good idea because with the current importer that imports
every single Blend and takes some time this could even lead to race
conditions for no real use.  In several cases you are changing the tasks
files without the need to release them as metapackages.  While it could
be a way if we change the importer to just import single tasks files
after a change I'd rather prefer some manual trigger.

Unfortunately I have no good idea how to trigger the importer by a
random user (not necessarily a DD) who has no login at udd.debian.org.
In addition to triggering the import I would like to get the user
informed about the finishing of the import process.

Do you have any idea?

Kind regards



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