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Re: CDD Talk at Debconf (Was: No CDD talk at debconf4 ?)

On Thu, 13 May 2004, Benj. Mako Hill wrote:

> AFAIK, the policy only covers replying to messages on mailing
> lists.
OK - so I guess you would not like to be CCed any more - only for new messages
if regarded important also for you.

> Actually, I'm in pretty good contact with the Debconf organizers. I'm
> currently living in the home of one the major organizers. That's one
> reason that it's been so easy to use the Debian-NP day to try work
> around this. They've told me they just don't have space.
Well, I have to trust you even if I would regard this as unbelievable.
Lets wait how people respond to the debian-devel message which I would
take as a "reality-check".  Perhaps these crazy Spanish people served
me any drugs to think CDD would be one of the most important issues. ;-))

> your suggestion to talk in prepration for a session at Debconf (which
> is a good idea). Of course, I have no problem with developing or
> gathering attention. :)
Fine.  As I said: The best place to gather attention is in the start
of a conference instead of the end ...

Kind regards


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