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Re: No CDD talk at debconf4 ?

On Wed, 5 May 2004, Benj. Mako Hill wrote:

> I'm assuming s/Make/Mako/. :)
Right. ;-)
(BTW, I noticed that I often issue this typo and then fix it later - perhaps
 I should do a "ln -s make /usr/bin/mako" and start my Makefiles with mako
 ... ;-) )

> I submitted two formal talks to Debconf. One for an SPI workshop and
> one for an CDD talk. I got an acceptance for my SPI talk and heard
> nothing back about the CDD talk. I asked twice for an update and heard
> nothing concrete (i.e, yes or no).
That's really bad!

> I'm assuming that since the schedule is released and CDD's are not on
> it, the answer is no.
I would not go with this implicite answer.

>   Formerly lumped in with other "subprojects," Custom Debian
>   Distributions have in the last year chosen a new name and developed
>   quickly both technically and socially. Led in part by the example of
>   Skolelinux (now Debian-Edu), CDDs are working on creating a common
>   infrastructure for package selection and are developing policy and
>   methods for allowing custom configuration of packages *fully* within
>   the Debian system.
>   This BOF is for anyone working on Custom Debian Distributions,
I would it definitely not call it BOF.  The birth was long ago and we
have settled down to some which really exists.  Debian-Jr was released
with Woody (do you know anybody who can tell by heart when this date in
the very past was? ;-) ).  Debian-Edu has made really great success and
will be released quite soon.

>   interested in doing so -- as a developer or just someone who wants
>   to use a customized version of Debian -- or just interested in the
>   concept! Participants will discuss the technologies, status, and
>   future of custom package selection and custom package configuration
>   within Debian.
IMHO the general problem of CDD is that many developers do not even know
about this stuff or just ignored it.  This problem is addressed in


and I would strongly vote for finding a reasonable place for a general
CDD talk *in the beginning* of the conference because I expect a talk
which is well done to rise up several questions which should be discussed
in the time of the conference (and not after it which would be the case
if it would be done on the last day).

> Feedback about this text from this list is welcome. As soon as we get
> some consensus about the rest of the BOFs from the Debian-NP day
> organizers (and the Debian-NP and Debconf4 lists), we'll put these on
> the Debconf Schedule in place of the rather nondescript "Debian-NP
> Day" item.
If you ask me it would be great if the RESULTS of the discussions about
CDD *on* the conference could be summed up in a closing talk inside the
Debian-NP day.

Kind regards


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