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Re: CDD Talk at Debconf (Was: No CDD talk at debconf4 ?)

On Tue, 11 May 2004, Benj. Mako Hill wrote:

> I've heard nothing from you in more than a month except for this
Ups, what did you expect to hear from me besides continuous updating
the CDD documentation, providing slides of talks and working on CDD tools?
I offered you help for the talk (like providing slides or whatever).
There are slides and detailed documentation available at


> message to custom (which did not CC me)
Sorry, I expected you to read the list, which might be a wrong assumption.

> and which you did not reply to
> my followup on the list.
I did not replyed because these funny Telefonica people did not managed to
provide wireless lan without continuos interruptions.  So I just noticed your
mail and wanted to answer now (see my nect mail).

> I know of the meeting from Valencia but have
> basically heard info only third and fourth hand.
That's certainly bad.  I would loved if you would have been able to attend.
We were quite less people from abroad and this shows once more that our
general CDD coordination has to be drastically enhanced.  To accomplish this
I'd strongly suggest that at least one person of each CDD subscribes to the
list and can inform his other CDD fellows about important ongoing general
things if needed.

> As I mentioned in the last message, the formal talk for CDDs was
> unfortunately not accepted by the Debconf organizers.
I've thought there would be a plenty of time for thus kind of
talks.  I even now that our current DPL is a supporter of CDD and
I would not hesitate to ask him for intervention if necessary.
Thus I keep tbm in CC of my answer to your other mail.

> I said in my
> last message, Debian-NP has been given most of a day and we're
> interested in using our best spot for a larger presentation on CDDs to
> all developers
I hope that as much as possible developers will follow as closely as possible.
Especially I hope that the suggestion which was raised up by Bdale at OSWC
in Malaga will be heavily discussed and will find some consensus.  I tried to
give an overview about Bdales idea and all its variants which raised up until
lately at


> -- probably building off of one of your talks.
I guess the Valencia talk is a good base, but should be turned into even more
technical information.  I have heard that Cosimo Alfarano <kalfa@debian.org>
will attend Debconf and I would regard him even more competent to speak about
these terms than me.

> Since you pushed hard to get something on the schedule before, I
> suspect that you're the best person to follow up on this with
> me. Perhaps you and I, and whoever else is interested, can arrange an
> IRC meeting or discuss how to proceed here. Let me know what you are
> thinking as I'm feeling quite out of the loop and we need to move on
> this right away.
I'm not sure about an IRC meeting because I left my office now for seven days
and have a plenty of (non-volunteer Debian :-() work here.  Thus for the moment
I would like to go with a mail and I guess tbm will react on the next mail
(answering your previous one).

Kind regards


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