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Re: CDD Talk at Debconf (Was: No CDD talk at debconf4 ?)

On Wed, 12 May 2004, Benj. Mako Hill wrote:

> > Sorry, I expected you to read the list, which might be a wrong
> > assumption.
> It's a correct assumption. I read the list but not as often as
> non-list email mail. If the message is directed to me and asking me a
> question, sending the message to me directly as well as onlist is a
> good way to get my attention.
Uhm, normal policy on debian lists is : PLEASE DO NOT CC ME.  I'm on the
list.  I have to personalize this probably ...

> > I did not replyed because these funny Telefonica people did not
> > managed to provide wireless lan without continuos interruptions.  So
> > I just noticed your mail and wanted to answer now (see my nect
> > mail).
> Perfect. Your other message sent today was precisely the sort of
> feedback I was looking for.
But in the situation you described we would probably running circles if
we talk on the debian-custom list because people on *this* list might know
about the importance.  Raising up the issue on debian-devel immediately
after you noticed that your talk was ignored would have been perhaps more

> Free Ekanayaka's summary seems to be exactly what I was looking
> for. Thanks Free!
Perhaps you might answer to my debian-devel mail and point to this
good summary ...

> As scheduled, the CDD talk will be on the last day so we should have
> plenty of time to prepare. We've started talking already. :)
I'd like to substitute this "talking" by gathering attraction of other
developers and start *developing*.

Kind regards


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