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CDD Talk at Debconf (Was: No CDD talk at debconf4 ?)


I've heard nothing from you in more than a month except for this
message to custom (which did not CC me) and which you did not reply to
my followup on the list. I know of the meeting from Valencia but have
basically heard info only third and fourth hand.

As I mentioned in the last message, the formal talk for CDDs was
unfortunately not accepted by the Debconf organizers. I said in my
last message, Debian-NP has been given most of a day and we're
interested in using our best spot for a larger presentation on CDDs to
all developers -- probably building off of one of your talks.

Since you pushed hard to get something on the schedule before, I
suspect that you're the best person to follow up on this with
me. Perhaps you and I, and whoever else is interested, can arrange an
IRC meeting or discuss how to proceed here. Let me know what you are
thinking as I'm feeling quite out of the loop and we need to move on
this right away.


Benjamin Mako Hill

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