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Re: CDD Talk at Debconf (Was: No CDD talk at debconf4 ?)

On Thu, May 13, 2004 at 08:48:58AM +0200, Andreas Tille wrote:
> Uhm, normal policy on debian lists is : PLEASE DO NOT CC ME.  I'm on the
> list.  I have to personalize this probably ...

AFAIK, the policy only covers replying to messages on mailing

> But in the situation you described we would probably running circles
> if we talk on the debian-custom list because people on *this* list
> might know about the importance.  Raising up the issue on
> debian-devel immediately after you noticed that your talk was
> ignored would have been perhaps more successful.

Actually, I'm in pretty good contact with the Debconf organizers. I'm
currently living in the home of one the major organizers. That's one
reason that it's been so easy to use the Debian-NP day to try work
around this. They've told me they just don't have space.

> Perhaps you might answer to my debian-devel mail and point to this
> good summary ...


> > As scheduled, the CDD talk will be on the last day so we should have
> > plenty of time to prepare. We've started talking already. :)
> I'd like to substitute this "talking" by gathering attraction of other
> developers and start *developing*.

You snipped the context where I was responding to your comment that
Cosimo well suited to speak on these issues. I was only responding to
your suggestion to talk in prepration for a session at Debconf (which
is a good idea). Of course, I have no problem with developing or
gathering attention. :)


Benjamin Mako Hill

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