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Re: Summary of the workshop on CDDs held in Valencia

On Wed, 12 May 2004, Free Ekanayaka wrote:

> Last but not least, a preliminary  collection of pictures of the event
> can be viewed here:
> http://alvin.homelinux.net/bins2004/
Nice. ;-)

> Furthermore the  presence of Richard  Stallman from the  Free Software
> Foundation and Jon  Hall from Linux  International contributed  to the
> visibility of the event.
I guess Jon would like to pronounced as  Jon "maddog" Hall ... ;-)
But this is not so important as perhaps RMS want you to pronounce the GNU
in front of Linux. :)

> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Name:         AGNULA/DeMuDi
> URL:          http://www.agnula.org
> Attendants:   Free Ekanayaka
> Committee:    Formerly  funded  by    the  European  Commission,   now
>               voluntary  project  economically supported by    Firenze
>               Tecnologia [3]
> Target users: Musicians, researchers, audio professionals
> Currently a semi-official CDD, in the  sense that part of the packages
> are already  in    Debian  and a    Debian  Multimedia  mailing   list
> exists. Free Ekanayaka is in the process to  become a Debian Developer
> and once he gets in  he'll upload to Debian the  rest of his packages.
> Moreover  he is closely  following the debian-custom mailing list, and
> working to improve the  cdd-dev  package and  make the  A/DeMuDi  meta
> packages compliant with the emerging CDD guidelines.
Time to upload the first meta packages. ;-)

> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Speaker: Javier Vinuales
> When:    May 7th, morning
> Slides:  http://www.miu-ft.org/~free/200405-valencia/adaptando_debian_a_sab=
> ores_locales.pdf
> After   a brief   presentation    of the Guadalinex  project,   Javier
> introduced the issue  of  the Debian  release system, which  currently
> makes difficult for a CDD to base its releases on Debian stable.
> Then he described some   possible modifications to the  Debian archive
> and release system,  which are partly  mentioned in  Andreas' document
> on the CDDs [5].
I tried to adopt the (at least for me) main important idea of the
different way for distributing Debian under


(Search for "testing_proposed_updated" for exactly Javier's suggestion and
 correct me if I did not understand him right.)

> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Speaker: Sergio Talens-Oliag
> When:    May 7th, afternoon
> Slides:  Speech only
> ...
> Andreas   asked     him      about  the     relationship    with   the
> Skolelinux/Debian-Edu project, and he explained that they are going to
> study and    reuse   Skolelinux/Debian-Edu work   whenever   possible,
> furthermore the  LlureX team is willing  to try to  cooperate with any
> similar project. However the  need of  a having separate  distribution
> still holds, partly because  of some issues related  with localisation
> and partly because the included applications may divert.
Here I might add my suggestion for a possible solution:
   Enhance DDTP to get translation for other things than only package

> Then   Sergio went into the question   of the Debian release/archiving
> system and  the implications it has on  some important issues,  as the
> need for LlureX  to have deadlines  and independent releases, with the
> relative stable updates. He analysed the possibility of maintaining an
> external (i.e. non-Debian)  APT repository as a temporary  workaround,
> waiting  for  better   implementations of the   Debian release/archive
> system.
IMHO the solution was given in Javier's talk or the URL I provided above.
Please consider this seriousely.  As well as Debian-Edu was the spin off
for the new debian-installer I see no reason why CDDs should not be the
driving force in finding a new way for distribution and enhancing the
release cycle.

> Here follows a  not exhaustive list of  the main issues  which emerged
> orthogonally  in all talks  and  conversations and  that  need further
> reports and discussion.
> o Debconf pre-feeding approach for customising packages
Location for cf.engine scripts:


> o Improvements to the current Debian archive/release system
(see URL above)

> o Easy creation of custom Live CDs and installers

> As these  are wide topics I'll let separate post to cover them.
I might add that an updated cdd-doc package just hit the archive and you
are able to follow all the links I posted offline if you like or read it
in the PDF inside ...

Thanks to Free for his summary


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