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Re: Debian on Pine64 H64B?

On Thu, Sep 9, 2021 at 9:46 PM Pete Batard wrote:

> If you read my posts carefully, you find that the only slight request
> that I have made is that Debian (i.e. people on this list whom I expect
> to know better) should stop advertising pre-built images as the one
> solution to install Debian on the Pi 3 or Pi 4, when there exists an
> alternative for which a lot of people (including Debian maintainers,
> EDK2 people, myself, and many others) have invested quite a lot of
> effort in, and that have now reached a sufficient enough level maturity.

If you would like Debian to advertise the UEFI option, please feel
free to register an account on the Debian wiki and add it in the
appropriate places. Due to the past actions of the RPi foundation and
consequent culture of the larger RPi community, the userbase expects
pre-built images to be available, so I don't think those will be going
away any time soon, indeed I think we will see demand for more images
for other SBCs too, even though it goes against how Debian has done
things in the past; suggesting use of the installer etc.


PS: if you or anyone else would like to package edk2-platforms,
coreboot or other libre boot/other firmware for Debian, that would be
very welcome.




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