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Re: Debian on Pine64 H64B?

On September 9, 2021 4:17:08 PM UTC, Vagrant Cascadian <vagrant@debian.org> wrote:

>I think I missed that decree...  I daresay, this argument has been
>running around in circles, based on some false assertions...

and a sense of "entitlement". yes, you, Pete Batard: you carry a strong "entitlement" vibe.  an expectation that debian "should" do something or be something, and complaining about how debian isn't as suits *you*.

you know how that can be ascertained? each time soneone says "if you feel that way here's how you can contribute" you *don't reply* with a "thank you i'll get right on that".

as vagrant points out, and so did paul, debian is about *volunteering* and being empowered and empowering others by getting down and dirty and actually *doing something*.

if you had said, "debian doesn't work as i demand it to be when compared to the expectations in my own head THEREFORE i TOOK RESPONSIBILITY for that and here's a patch whom do i send it to?" *now* you got people's attention in a positive way, even though the start of the sentence, if you actually genuinely wrote it like that, would make you look like a bit of a tit, yet, hilariously, you'd fit right it.

at the moment as things stand you've managed to piss off at least one long-term debian contributor, are getting strong repeated group-reinforced diplomatic hints from several other long-term developers, and have had even me raise eyebrows several times at the rather alarming misassertions you've made.

debian *isn't* a "one thing" (it's thousands of completely independent sovereign volunteers). it's certainly not a company. you don't get to make demands of "debian", it's like pissing up-wind: it's just going to come right back at you, in your own face.

please, take the hint, ok? *we know* it's a pissy situation with non-free firmware. *listen* to the reactions and feedback you're getting, and either start helping or for goodness sake at least stop damn well complaining and making thousands of people on this list feel miserable and underappreciated for the work that they do. unpaid.


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