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Re: ARM kernel cross compilation issues for iMX53

I now have a functioning Debian Linux 3.2.12 kernel with the armhf runtime on my iMX53 Quick Start Board.  Attached below is a link to a compressed tar file containing the Debian packages to install a custom version of the kernel and a working u-boot compatible with the kernel.  Also included are notes and a boot directory containing the uImage and uInitrd that should help with bootstrapping your own armhf installation on an iMX53 Quick Start Board.


Please not that the kernel provided is quite minimal and I can only vouch that the serial port, ethernet, SATA interface and SD interface are working.  If you get VGA, USB and other peripherals works, please let me know.

I would like to thank everyone in this thread for providing clues along the way that ultimately allowed me to get to a running system. Hopefully this collection of files will be useful to other people trying to get a recent Linux kernel and armhf runtime functioning on an iMX53 Quick Start Board.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Mike Thompson

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