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Re: ARM kernel cross compilation issues for iMX53

What else has equivalent or better RAM & CPU?
There isn't a lot of arm stuff out there with 1 gigabyte of ram :/
I thought the MX53 would be a safe bet because it looks like they are used in the Efika and as Debian build machines.
According to sledge I.mx 53 quickstart boards have been rock solid in
their role as debian autobuilders/porterboxes. Of course an
autobuilder/porterbox only needs storage and network.
The Beagle XM only has 512M and I keep on reading about the Panda overheating and I live in a hot climate.
According to sledge the Panda (with USB storage) also has issues with
locking up under high network and storage load, probablly because both
network and storage have to run off USB. This makes it a poor choice for
an autobuilder.

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