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Re: ARM kernel cross compilation issues for iMX53

Mike Thompson <mpthompson <at> gmail.com> writes:
> seems have some known incompatibilities regarding how the UARTs are 
> clocked with older kernels.

Yes.  I'm still using 2.6.35 because of this, though I am now aware of how I
could fix it if I needed to.  See the section "Freescale's git repository" at
http://chezphil.org/tvcomputer/kernel.html .

The real problem here is a lack of communication.  Nowhere is there e.g. a
"news" or "blog" type page where someone posts important stuff like "we've
decided to change the clocking because $reason in version $version, and you'll
need to keep u-boot and the kernel in sync because of this; if you don't like
this the changes are $here and $there and you can/cannot revert them
with/without breaking other subsystems than the UART".  Because this isn't done
in public, you, I, and a dozen other people waste hours trying to guess what has
happened - time that we could be spending doing something useful, like fixing
bugs in Freescale's kernel code.


It would be nice to imagine that some of the other platforms were better.  I
doubt it, unfortunately.


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