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Re: ARM kernel cross compilation issues for iMX53


> As author of that page/script, that config setting isn't actually
> required, it's more useful for debugging purposes while compiling the
> kernel...
> http://eewiki.net/display/linuxonarm/i.MX53+Quick+Start

I notice in your instructions to bring up Debian on the iMX53 Quick Start, that it does not include a step to create an initrd.  I presume this is because the patched kernel has the SD driver compiled in and can simply mount its initial file system directly from the SD card rather than using a ramdisk.  Is this correct?

I also presume the same approach will not work if I was to boot the iMX53 on Debian off of the SATA drive. I believe I would need to append an initrd in that case to the end of the kernel to include the SATA drive modules.

Do you know of instructions similar to what you put together that describe the process of booting the iMX53 on an attached SATA drive with a minimal install of Debian?

I'm actually still waiting for my iMX53 hardware to arrive, but I'm just reviewing all the steps necessary to get it running ahead of time so I can work with it as fast as possible.

Thanks again for putting the instructions together.

Mike Thompson

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