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Re: ARM kernel cross compilation issues for iMX53

On Sun, Mar 18, 2012 at 11:48:33PM +0000, peter green wrote:
>>What else has equivalent or better RAM & CPU?
>There isn't a lot of arm stuff out there with 1 gigabyte of ram :/
>>I thought the MX53 would be a safe bet because it looks like they
>>are used in the Efika and as Debian build machines.
>According to sledge I.mx 53 quickstart boards have been rock solid in
>their role as debian autobuilders/porterboxes. Of course an
>autobuilder/porterbox only needs storage and network.

They're fine for us. I started using the Freescale 2.6.35 kernel, then
moved over to mainline with 3.2.0. Networking and SATA work fine
there, but USB is still not quite there yet...

>>The Beagle XM only has 512M and I keep on reading about the Panda
>>overheating and I live in a hot climate.
>According to sledge the Panda (with USB storage) also has issues with
>locking up under high network and storage load, probablly because both
>network and storage have to run off USB. This makes it a poor choice for
>an autobuilder.

Yup. the Panda network and disk are attached via USB and not that fast
or reliable...

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