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Re: ARM kernel cross compilation issues for iMX53

On 26/03/12 4:37 AM, Mike Thompson wrote:
> I've had no luck either with the 3.2 kernel -- I seem to have most of
> it, but ethernet is failing to initialize for me.  I've been using the
> mainline 3.2 kernel, but my next try is to switch to the Debian 3.2
> kernel.

I have been trying mainline and I keep getting SATA errors on the two drives I have tried. One produces less errors than the other. They both worked under 2.6.35 with no issues. I don't see why anyone would commit the code if it didn't work so I am getting a bit frustrated. BTW what gcc version are people using to build the kernel?

Thanks for that wiki Robert as it has helped me locate a few things. I especially like the uEnv patch for u-boot which I would never have found otherwise.

Now back to patch 2.6.35 to get rid of the udev errors and try and configure the usb properly. BTW are there hardfloat versions of the closed source Freescale libraries floating around anywhere?

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