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Re: SATA Silicon Image 3114 support for A64 images ?

What can you currently buy that is better than the 3ware for
> running with Linux?


3ware seems to be sitting on their laurels lately. That makes
me very uneasy.

What you want is Areca. http://www.areca.com.tw

Too bad their web site or rather ftp server is a mess. Many of the
links on their web page give ftp errors about module not currently
available (including the linux driver dir, many of the manuals, etc).

Their FTP server worked for me OK. I used Firefox (not an ftp client)
and did not have any problems.

Now if I could see their manual I would be able to tell if their
> PCI-X card works in regular PCI slots,

I have no idea, yet.

> and how many machines have PCIe x8 slots yet?  I have seen x1 and x4
> quite a bit, but not x8.

Here is some

Avalilable in PCI-X and PCIe, it supports both SATA II and RAID6
(so that you're still safe even if 2 drives fail). Here are the links.

Raid6?  Will have to look that one up.


RAID6 uses two drives in the array to be used just for checksums.

RAID6 is useful if you're multi-paranoid :-)

For the benchmark:


To me those benchmarks say "Get the 3ware instead".

Not really. There is more reading to be done.

"Comparison of Nine SATA RAID 5 Adapters"



Well no simple solution it seems, given I don't believe dmraid is
considered very robust or stable yet.  Given lvm and software raid only
made it into the Debian installer fairly recently, I am not surprised
support for dmraid did not.  Things have to be rather stable and well
understood to make it into the installer as far as I can tell.

That being so, I suspect it could have been included with a great
big warning that it is experimental. That is only if someone else
saw the need for it.

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