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Re: SATA Silicon Image 3114 support for A64 images ?

As I said earlier, SW RAID wass out of question: the box was to
have multi-OS installation.

You ARE using software raid, just with some BIOS support and drivers for
windows.  That doesn't change it from being software raid.  I think I
even read in a magazine recently how eo enable software raid in win xp
even though it is only supposed to be a feature in the higher server

But, I am not interested in whether it was sw raid or not --not that
box anyway.

All I wanted was the raid *functionality*. I dont care if it comes
through sw or lord knows what. I need raid that works accross multiple
OSes. That is all.

I am just begging that someone integrate dmraid into debian installer;
I wish I was that good at it to be able to do it myself.

There are very few hardware raid cards that do SATA.  3ware is one
maker, and I think adaptec has one or two models (most of theirs are not
hardware raid), and highpoint migh thave one model.  The 3ware is the
only one I know of with open source drivers.  You certainly don't get
hardware raid onboard except some very high end servers (almost always

3ware and Adaptec had their days and they are over. Unfortunaltely
I have many of those cards.

What you want is Areca. http://www.areca.com.tw

Avalilable in PCI-X and PCIe, it supports both SATA II and RAID6
(so that you're still safe even if 2 drives fail). Here are the links.

For the benchmark:


This is where you get the source code:

Did you know there is an 8 port wanpipe card coming out in the
> next 3 months? That might help your pci slot problem.

It will, except that I would simply replace the current ones
with those --to double up the capacity. So, it does not really
help the greed :-)

On the other hand, why would you need to dual boot a machine that
> is used for such things? Developing for both linux and windows
> or just playing around?

Former. And a bit of latter <g>

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