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Re: SATA Silicon Image 3114 support for A64 images ?

Okay, I went from the installer to "Execute a shell", but in the shell,
lspci was not recognized as a command, so this won't take me further. :( (I
don't have Linux, WinXP only ! Would it help you if I let a Suse Live CD run
and lspci from there?)

What interesting is, that there's a module called "siimage" in the
installer's list, but I think that's for another type of silicon image

Would it perhaps help, if the installer would include sata_sil in it's list
of selectable modules ?

One another thing: people talk about that in lots of SATA topics that we
have to set the "compatibility mode" in the BIOS so the installer sees the
HDD - then recompile kernel etc with sata_nv and finally BIOS back to
normal. I don't understand this, why to install a linux that hard way, on
the other hand this procedure was for the sata_nv but probably would also
work for sata_sil.. but anyway, why ??? This stupid WinXP installs onto both
controllers without any word ..

I don't have spare PATA HDD to cheat the whole thing out and MSI boards
doesn't have "compatibility mode" regarding SATA controllers either - so it
means, my BIOS reports on the "Energy Star" pre-boot screen the following:

Primary Master - None
Primary Slave - CDROM (actually name differs)
Secondary Master - None
Secondary Slave - None
Third Master - None
Fourth Master - None
Fifth Master - My SATA Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 (160G)
Sixth Master - None

That's it. Third & Fourth are sata_nv and of course unused because of the
NOT-fixed 33MHz clock, Fifth & Sixth are sata_sil whici I use right now. If
I disable Third & Fourth in the BIOS, Fifth and Sixth won't appear as Third
and Fourth, for PATA IDE Secondary Master controller "Disable" it's the

On my Abit IC7 Intel chipset I had that Compatibility mode where if a
controller was disabled, higher numbered channels took it's number, but now
that's not the way to handle it. But anyway, if linux does have sata_sil
already, we just need to put it into the menu of the debian installer as a
loadable module, or am I wrong ? :(

Sry for being so long ...

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