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Re: Debugging Multia boot problems: take one

Steve Langasek wrote:

>I don't know anything about it, but you can try using
>dists/oldstable/main/disks-alpha/current/tftpboot.img, which would be a
>tftp image from woody.  If that one *does* work, though, I'm not sure what
>to do about the newer image, since that again seems to be a Multia-specific
>problem, and maybe not the same problem as with the CDs.
     Well, I found the problem with my tftpd config, I had bootps
enabled in the /etc/inetd.conf as well as tftpd, once I fixed that, the
mulia starts booting from ewa0. Unfortunately, that older image boots
fine, and the newer boot.img doesn't. It reads it, gets as far as
loading the initrd, and then the screen goes black, just as it does with
the tftpboot.img, the keyboard lights flash, and then it reboots right
back to the srm console.
      That is different than trying to boot the newer CD's -- with them
aboot hangs the console and you have to power off.  The tftpboot.img
boots completely and starts the install process.

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