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Re: Debugging Multia boot problems: take one

   I've been trying to netboot my multia with zero success. I've got
atftpd set up on my debian 3.1 intel box, and dhcp3-server with all the
stuff given in the SRM how-to in the conf file. My multia does get the
dhcp from the intel box just fine, so that's working. The atftpd gives
no errors when starting (nor does dhcp3-server) and the permissions on
the /tftpboot dir are world readable and executable. When I boot debian
on the multia hardrive, the logs on the intel box show all the dhcp
transaction, but when I try to netboot from the srm console, there is
nothing at all in the intel box logs. I see the lights for both boxes
blinking on the hub during the netboot attempts.
    My srm command is "boot ewa0 -fi boot.img". The boot.img is the one
I d/l from the debian alpha website. When I give the boot command, SRM
says "MOP trying ..........." and then it dies saying something like
"boot failure" and starts over. I've also tried loading the firmware
upgrades from the firmware upgrade floppy -- srm.exe and arc.exe -- but
get the same thing.
   So, does this mean the latest boot.img is just not working (like the
CD  aboot newer stuff) or that I'm doing something wrong?

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