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Re: Debugging Multia boot problems: take one

On Fri, Feb 17, 2006 at 01:45:54PM -0600, Harmon Seaver wrote:
>    I've been trying to netboot my multia with zero success. I've got
> atftpd set up on my debian 3.1 intel box, and dhcp3-server with all the
> stuff given in the SRM how-to in the conf file. My multia does get the
> dhcp from the intel box just fine, so that's working. The atftpd gives
> no errors when starting (nor does dhcp3-server) and the permissions on
> the /tftpboot dir are world readable and executable. When I boot debian
> on the multia hardrive, the logs on the intel box show all the dhcp
> transaction, but when I try to netboot from the srm console, there is
> nothing at all in the intel box logs. I see the lights for both boxes
> blinking on the hub during the netboot attempts.
>     My srm command is "boot ewa0 -fi boot.img". The boot.img is the one
> I d/l from the debian alpha website. When I give the boot command, SRM
> says "MOP trying ..........." and then it dies saying something like
> "boot failure" and starts over. I've also tried loading the firmware
> upgrades from the firmware upgrade floppy -- srm.exe and arc.exe -- but
> get the same thing.

Yes, MOP != dhcp.  You'll need to configure SRM to use dhcp as the boot
protocol; IIRC the option is something like "set ewa0_protocol bootp", but
you may want to check an SRM manual to confirm this (or poke at the
variables in SRM until you find the right one, like I did :).

For reference, here is the dhcpd.conf snippet that I use:

option domain-name-servers,;

host quetz {
   hardware ethernet 08:00:2B:E7:94:9B;
   fixed-address my.alpha.name;
   filename "alpha-netboot.img";

Then booting is just a matter of:

  boot ewa0 -fl ""

(No need to specify the file on the commandline, this is specified by the
DHCP server.)

I use tftpd 0.17-15.  If you get past dhcp and have failures downloading the
file, you might try switching your tftp server to this; others' experience
suggests that not all tftp servers work equally well with the firmware of
various architectures, but I don't know which ones have problems with alpha
-- I just know which one I use.

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