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Re: signage

On Tue, Aug 19, 2014 at 01:05:39PM -0700, tony wrote:
> > As for badges, have we decided on text layout? 

> > The last 2 years had:
> > IRC Nick
> > Name
> > languages spoken (en, es, fr, de, etc.)

> Timely that you bring this up.  Temporarily ignoring the ad-hoc badge
> printing we will do, are we ready to get an export from the Summit
> database that contains this information for the confirmed attendees?  If
> so, any suggestions as to who might be the best person to produce that?

> Thank you for the information!
> tony

We don't have language preference data in summit, so this would be just IRC
nick + name.

I should be able to do a dump of this tomorrow.  What format do you want?

Whatever script we're using for generating the printable files should
probably also be integrated into summit so that the frontdesk has a way to
print these on demand, right?

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