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Re: signage

On 08/18/2014 09:54 PM, tony mancill wrote:
On 08/18/2014 07:46 AM, Steve Langasek wrote:
On Mon, Aug 18, 2014 at 01:18:33AM -0700, Matto Marjanovic wrote:
*content* of the signs, the text in these signs is pretty generic:
"Front Desk", "Room 327", etc.

The rooms already have signage from the university, I don't know that it
makes sense to reproduce the university's own names for the rooms on the

Would it be better to label these "Talk Room 1" - "Talk Room 3", and
"Hacklab 1", "Hacklab 2"?
isn't yet consensus on what they're supposed to have in them.  So, to
put it directly.  Is "Talk Room [123]" the final desired content for the
24x36 artwork that will display the sponsor logo in the talk rooms?

Keeping in mind that we are only discussing the 36x24 big signs that
stand next-to/near the talk podiums (i.e., not the hacklabs)....

I think "Talk Room N" would make sense if the locations of the talks
in the schedule were designated that way.  But, they are not, and having
the words "Talk Room 3" appear in this universe upon only a single sign
with nothing refering to it is delightfully absurd.

That said, conversely, if the schedule were changed to indicate talk
locations by the symbolic names "Talk Room [123]", then having signs
with those names would make perfect sense.  And, using symbolic names
in the schedule is not a bad idea, because it decouples DC14 logistics
from PSU logistics:  if a cougar or black bear wanders into Room 327,
then we just send someone in to fetch the sign and move it to another
physical room, and the conference continues.  (Since the video team
would already be tasked with moving all their equipment in such a
situation, they could grab the sign, too.)

It would be helpful to nail down the content desired and maintain the
momentum on this task (since I should be switching over to badges soon;
I have the supplies in hand).  If at all possible, I would like to print
more signs tomorrow.

If I get corroboration on the symbolic name notion by 9am tomorrow,
I should be able to get revised PDF's to Tony.

I went to Target and Office Depot to look at backing boards, but they
were all either too small or quite expensive (~$6 per piece for 36x48),
so I'm going to keep looking.

You could try a real art supply store --- there is a Dick Blick in NW
somewhere, I think.  You'll probably want/need to go there anyhow to
get the spray adhesive that you will want/need to do the actual mounting.
(Or, you might be able to find, e.g., self-adhesive foam board, too.
Someone in a store like that in a town like this should actually be able
to tell you exactly what you need.)

But... you said *six* dollars per piece?  Wouldn't that come out to
less than $60 for all the big signs?  We just witnessed an infinithread
discussing how to spend the extra money in the DC14 coffers... and this
is less than 10% of the expense for Debian-branded water bottles.

This should keep Tony's printing pipeline full while the people who
want a huge horizontal banner use the miracle of consensus to figure
out what size it should be.

3'x5' should be more than adequate.  Maybe 2'x5', if we're worried about the

I can try to do something at 3'x5'; it will take about 2 hours to print
it, so the sooner we have the source file, the better. However, I don't
have a good way to cut off the extra 1' for a 2'x5'.  If that's what we
want, somebody skilled with an X-Acto can have at it.

It's almost midnight(*); I'm not going to have a banner done tonight in any
case --- but I could do 3'x5' with only 2' of actual content, and extra
sky/forest at top/bottom to be cut off if necessary/desirable depending
on where the banner ends up being mounted.


(*) - And now... just past midnight.

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