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Re: signage

On Mon, Aug 18, 2014 at 01:18:33AM -0700, Matto Marjanovic wrote:

> I have checked-in printable PDF files for the large 36"x24" signs, so
> that Tony can do some printing tomorrow.  Since no one in this
> organization provided any feedback to my questions about the actual
> *content* of the signs, the text in these signs is pretty generic:
> "Front Desk", "Room 327", etc.

The rooms already have signage from the university, I don't know that it
makes sense to reproduce the university's own names for the rooms on the

Would it be better to label these "Talk Room 1" - "Talk Room 3", and
"Hacklab 1", "Hacklab 2"?

> This should keep Tony's printing pipeline full while the people who
> want a huge horizontal banner use the miracle of consensus to figure
> out what size it should be.

3'x5' should be more than adequate.  Maybe 2'x5', if we're worried about the

> On 08/16/2014 03:24 PM, Steve Langasek wrote:
> >On Sat, Aug 16, 2014 at 08:51:08AM -0700, tony mancill wrote:
> >>>Note that the precise wording in the sponsorship brochure, for gold sponsors
> >>>and above, is:
> >
> >>>    Logo on banner in conference lobby
> >
> >>>This implies that there will be a banner.  I don't think a 36"x24" sign
> >>>quite qualifies as a banner, do you.  Can we make a 36"x yay-long banner?
> >>>(I don't remember if your printer width was 24" or 36"?)
> >
> >>The paper width is 36" and it's scroll-fed.  (The printer will print up
> >>to 44", but I don't have ready access to that sort of media.)  If we're
> >>going to print 36xN (for N >> 24), keep in mind that you're going to
> >>need to have some way to mount it.  It won't stand freely, and will have
> >>a tendency to curl because the paper is scroll-fed.
> >
> >For the "conference lobby" banner (aka "front desk"), would it suffice to
> >mount this banner to the front of the table?  Tape the top two corners, tie
> >the bottom two using a couple of grommets?
> >
> >For the posters in the talk rooms, I think the plan already discussed should
> >be fine: mounted on a backing board, set on easels (I have asked PSU for the
> >easels).
> >
> >>Responding to some of the snipped bits in Matto's original message, it
> >>sounds like we're potentially planning to have a large number of
> >>banners.  In previous meetings we talked about 2, or maybe just 1 sign
> >>per talk room, plus some general signage.  I have been thinking that the
> >>number was ~7 large signs + misc.  I will print as much as a I can next
> >>week, but at 40 minutes per 24x36" sign, the possibility of running out
> >>of supplies and being temporarily blocked, and the fact that I still
> >>have to work (I'll be babysitting the printer after-hours); it would be
> >>helpful to know the relative priority order of the signs.  2 buckets:
> >>must have/nice to have
> >
> >Minimum requirements: one "banner" (of some shape and description) in the
> >conference lobby, one "banner" for each talk room
> >
> >I think we don't need a second sign per room at all, and didn't realize
> >people were still thinking along those lines.  I definitely don't think it's
> >worth spending a lot of money renting a second set of easels from PSU just
> >to hold these signs; so I would hold off on worrying about a second set
> >until we have pricing from PSU.
> >
> >Nice to have: everything else
> >
> >>Also, I'll need to check to see whether we have 11x17 available (recent
> >>change in our office printers).  If I can't print those, perhaps someone
> >>else can, or we can make a run to Kinkos.
> >
> >Personally, I think 8.5x11 would be perfectly fine here for the other
> >signage.  Except for the downstairs hack lab, everything's really close in,
> >so the main function of these for attendees is to identify which rooms are
> >the DebConf rooms, which really doesn't require much more than a swirl you
> >can see from down the hall.

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