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Hi, Team DC14,

I am trying to achieve clarity on our signage requirements.  Inward
reflection has only taken me so far, so now I appeal to the sum of
our parts.

First, a question:  where is the Front Desk going to be?  (The wiki
tells me at Broadway residence hall --- but where there?)  And...
what does the Front Desk look like?

Second, here is what I know about signage (which I expect to be
inaccurate), interspersed with questions.

* Three basic elements on each sign
  * Functional information --- depends on sign location
  * DC14 logo/identification
  * Sponsor logos
    * Small signs (e.g., directional arrows to rooms) need no sponsors.
    * Larger front-desk and lobby signage gets platinum & gold.
    * Flanking banners in talk rooms get platinum ("INTEL INTEL INTEL").

* Locations and functions
  * 3 talk rooms
    * 2 vertical aspect banners flanking the podium
      * 36"x24" seems to work as a big and printable sign
      * Should be visible on video
      * Has only the platinum sponsor (Intel) logo
      * What functional information belongs on these signs??
        * It could identify the speaker + talk title
          * We can pre-print this info on 11"x17" paper and pushpin it to
            the signs for each talk.
        * At a minimum, it should have some marginally useful static
          information (whether or not that gets covered up by talk-specific
          information).  Are talk rooms assigned to specific named tracks?
          If so... they could identify the track.
    * 1 sign outside each room, identifying the room
      * something like 11"x17", on the door or next to the door

  * 2 hack labs
    * 1 sign outside each room, identifying the room
      * something like 11"x17", on the door or next to the door
      * what is a proper identifier for each of these rooms?

  * 1 data center
    * Does Data Center get any signs?

  * 1 front desk
    * (Keep in mind that I have no idea what a DebConf front desk looks like.)
    * How about two 36Hx24W signs flanking the front desk?
      * One says "Welcome to Portland".
      * Other says "Front Desk".
    * Front desk signage gets INTEL as well as the gold-level sponsor logos.

    * Is there any kind of satellite front desk, i.e. some place in SMSU
      where people can stop by and get help with stuff (without having to
      hike over to the Broadway)?


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