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Re: signage

On Tue, Aug 19, 2014 at 12:05:27AM -0700, Matto Marjanovic wrote:
> On 08/18/2014 09:54 PM, tony mancill wrote:

> If I get corroboration on the symbolic name notion by 9am tomorrow,
> I should be able to get revised PDF's to Tony.

If by this you mean names of the rooms for the signs? I don't think that's
necessary for the banners and posters we're making. The banners and posters
only need to say DebConf14 and have the appopriate sponsors' logos on them.

> >I went to Target and Office Depot to look at backing boards, but they
> >were all either too small or quite expensive (~$6 per piece for 36x48),
> >so I'm going to keep looking.

> You could try a real art supply store --- there is a Dick Blick in NW
> somewhere, I think.  You'll probably want/need to go there anyhow to
> get the spray adhesive that you will want/need to do the actual mounting.
> (Or, you might be able to find, e.g., self-adhesive foam board, too.
> Someone in a store like that in a town like this should actually be able
> to tell you exactly what you need.)

> But... you said *six* dollars per piece?  Wouldn't that come out to
> less than $60 for all the big signs?  We just witnessed an infinithread
> discussing how to spend the extra money in the DC14 coffers... and this
> is less than 10% of the expense for Debian-branded water bottles.

The water bottles are actually an expense that was put off based on funding
and we only recently realized we could fund them. While we do have extra
money, the chairs as a whole still desire us to keep spending as close to a
minimum as possible.

That said, we're keeping our printing costs way down, and we're way
underbudget for this. Tony, don't kill yourself trying to find cheaper
posterboard. You'll certainly have more options if you go to a craft (like
Michael's) or art supply (like Dick Blick) store.

As for badges, have we decided on text layout? 

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Patty Langasek


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