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Re: signage

On 08/15/2014 11:10 PM, Steve Langasek wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 15, 2014 at 10:46:39PM -0700, Matto Marjanovic wrote:
>> Hi, Team DC14,
>> I am trying to achieve clarity on our signage requirements.  Inward
>> reflection has only taken me so far, so now I appeal to the sum of
>> our parts.
>> First, a question:  where is the Front Desk going to be?  (The wiki
>> tells me at Broadway residence hall --- but where there?)
> FYI I've just corrected this in the wiki.  The front desk will /not/ be at
> the Broadway building, it will be at SMSU.
>>  And...  what does the Front Desk look like?
> A long folding table with people sitting behind it, and lots of Debian
> swirls with arrows pointing at it ;)
> <snip most of this, which I have no input on>
>>   * 1 data center
>>     * Does Data Center get any signs?
> No.
>>   * 1 front desk
>>     * (Keep in mind that I have no idea what a DebConf front desk looks like.)
>>     * How about two 36Hx24W signs flanking the front desk?
>>       * One says "Welcome to Portland".
>>       * Other says "Front Desk".
>>     * Front desk signage gets INTEL as well as the gold-level sponsor logos.
> Note that the precise wording in the sponsorship brochure, for gold sponsors
> and above, is:
>    Logo on banner in conference lobby
> This implies that there will be a banner.  I don't think a 36"x24" sign
> quite qualifies as a banner, do you.  Can we make a 36"x yay-long banner? 
> (I don't remember if your printer width was 24" or 36"?)

The paper width is 36" and it's scroll-fed.  (The printer will print up
to 44", but I don't have ready access to that sort of media.)  If we're
going to print 36xN (for N >> 24), keep in mind that you're going to
need to have some way to mount it.  It won't stand freely, and will have
a tendency to curl because the paper is scroll-fed.

Responding to some of the snipped bits in Matto's original message, it
sounds like we're potentially planning to have a large number of
banners.  In previous meetings we talked about 2, or maybe just 1 sign
per talk room, plus some general signage.  I have been thinking that the
number was ~7 large signs + misc.  I will print as much as a I can next
week, but at 40 minutes per 24x36" sign, the possibility of running out
of supplies and being temporarily blocked, and the fact that I still
have to work (I'll be babysitting the printer after-hours); it would be
helpful to know the relative priority order of the signs.  2 buckets:
must have/nice to have

Also, I'll need to check to see whether we have 11x17 available (recent
change in our office printers).  If I can't print those, perhaps someone
else can, or we can make a run to Kinkos.


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