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Re: signage

On Sat, Aug 16, 2014 at 08:51:08AM -0700, tony mancill wrote:
> > Note that the precise wording in the sponsorship brochure, for gold sponsors
> > and above, is:

> >    Logo on banner in conference lobby

> > This implies that there will be a banner.  I don't think a 36"x24" sign
> > quite qualifies as a banner, do you.  Can we make a 36"x yay-long banner? 
> > (I don't remember if your printer width was 24" or 36"?)

> The paper width is 36" and it's scroll-fed.  (The printer will print up
> to 44", but I don't have ready access to that sort of media.)  If we're
> going to print 36xN (for N >> 24), keep in mind that you're going to
> need to have some way to mount it.  It won't stand freely, and will have
> a tendency to curl because the paper is scroll-fed.

For the "conference lobby" banner (aka "front desk"), would it suffice to
mount this banner to the front of the table?  Tape the top two corners, tie
the bottom two using a couple of grommets?

For the posters in the talk rooms, I think the plan already discussed should
be fine: mounted on a backing board, set on easels (I have asked PSU for the

> Responding to some of the snipped bits in Matto's original message, it
> sounds like we're potentially planning to have a large number of
> banners.  In previous meetings we talked about 2, or maybe just 1 sign
> per talk room, plus some general signage.  I have been thinking that the
> number was ~7 large signs + misc.  I will print as much as a I can next
> week, but at 40 minutes per 24x36" sign, the possibility of running out
> of supplies and being temporarily blocked, and the fact that I still
> have to work (I'll be babysitting the printer after-hours); it would be
> helpful to know the relative priority order of the signs.  2 buckets:
> must have/nice to have

Minimum requirements: one "banner" (of some shape and description) in the
conference lobby, one "banner" for each talk room

I think we don't need a second sign per room at all, and didn't realize
people were still thinking along those lines.  I definitely don't think it's
worth spending a lot of money renting a second set of easels from PSU just
to hold these signs; so I would hold off on worrying about a second set
until we have pricing from PSU.

Nice to have: everything else

> Also, I'll need to check to see whether we have 11x17 available (recent
> change in our office printers).  If I can't print those, perhaps someone
> else can, or we can make a run to Kinkos.

Personally, I think 8.5x11 would be perfectly fine here for the other
signage.  Except for the downstairs hack lab, everything's really close in,
so the main function of these for attendees is to identify which rooms are
the DebConf rooms, which really doesn't require much more than a swirl you
can see from down the hall.

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