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Re: [Debconf-team] DebConf Committee meeting (for DC14): Friday March 22, 17:00UTC

On Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 08:25:35PM +0300, Moray Allan wrote:
> On 2013-03-18 20:15, Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> >I do feel that, given that we have slipped quite a bit on our
> >schedule
> >*and* that we have got acknowledgements from both teams *and* that
> >questions have been actively raised on the lists for the last week at
> >least (and a call for further questions is semi-constant), we could
> >try to merge them. If there is not much more to just ask about, we
> >could try to streamline the process.

> I don't feel that our slowness in the early stages of the bid
> process is a good reason to rush the most important parts.  And I
> haven't seen *that* many questions answered about the bids to make
> me assume we're ready for an informed decision on a venue this week.

> Equally, it's not clear to me how much all the members of the
> DebConf Committee have had, or will have before Friday, to deeply
> examine the bids.

> In addition to that, there are a number of extra steps that need to
> be done before the decision meeting, including extra documents to be
> posted to the list by the bids.  It doesn't (for example) seem fair
> to me to ask the bids at short notice to rush out versions of those
> important documents in time for us to consider them before Friday.

For my edification, does "extra documents" refer to this?:

  For the decision meeting, bid teams prepare:
    A description of how their bid meets each of the points on the priority
    A description of the weak points in their own bids. 
    A description of the strong points in other bids. 

If so, is it expected that we prepare something /different/ than what's
already shown on <https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf14/Portland>?  (Which
was written to address all of those priorities, but not point-by-point in

If not, what /does/ it refer to?

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