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Re: [Debconf-team] [Debian-portland-soc] [DC14] Portland team: historical cost comparison

On Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 1:41 PM, Allison Randal <allison@lohutok.net> wrote:
> I've run a more detailed cost comparison for the Portland bid,
> projecting for 200 attendees and 350 attendees separately, so it's
> easier to see the base costs, and also incorporating some changes from
> the discussion feedback. See the attached ODS file. (The cost per
> attendee seems radically lower than previous years, but these are base
> costs, and don't include incidentals like printing signs/badges and
> t-shirts, video equipment shipping, or optional costs like travel
> sponsorships.)
> The "Comparison" tab is using the 4-day figures from the "Rooms" and
> "Food" tabs. This is based on a projection of sessions Mon-Tue and
> Thu-Fri, with the Day Trip on Wednesday. But, in previous years DebConf
> has run sessions Mon-Tue and Thu-Sat, that is, 5 total days of sessions.
> So, the 5-day projections are included on the "Rooms" and "Food" tabs.
> The actual food reservations will be made much closer to the event,
> based on counts of registered attendees, so these are just broad estimates.
> In general, if confidence is high that DebConf14 will have attendance of
> at least 250-300, then we recommend including the larger Ballroom in the
> initial venue reservation. These projections are using a full-day price
> for the large Ballroom, rather than specific hours for opening/closing
> plenaries, so the actual venue rental total is likely to be a bit
> cheaper. (The Ballroom is preferable to Hoffman Hall, because it's in
> the same building as the smaller session rooms and hacklabs.)
> We're figuring the decision about whether to run DebCamp will be made
> later, after sponsorships start to come in.

I think the opportunity to get great sponsorships here in Portland is
going to be great.
I have already had some initial discussions with at least on local
company and hope to
put my local contacts to good use ;)

> We've talked a bit about
> alternatives that could provide hacking time at a lower cost than the
> traditional two-week schedule (all with DayTrip on Wed):
> * Two full days of DebCamp on Sunday before and Saturday after DebConf
> * Combine DebCamp/DebConf to run simultaneously Saturday-Saturday
> * DebCamp on the two Saturdays, and DebCamp/DebConf combo on Sun-Fri
> At the moment, we're guessing that DebConf14 won't have a Debian Day,
> but again, figure the wider DebConf team will make that decision
> partially based on sponsorships.
> HTH,
> Allison
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