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Re: [Debconf-team] EUR currency exposure?

Hi Daniel,

Le lundi, 18 mars 2013 20.14:41, Daniel Pocock a écrit :
> Can the DC13 committee provide any update on exposure to EUR?

First, there's no such thing as a "DC13 commitee" [0]. I'll try to answer 
anyway without any particular hat, but with facts.

AFAIK we do have a Postfinance EUR account (or can get one easily) to "store" 
Euros in Switzerland. We could then eventually move money between the CHF and 
the EUR accounts, for the price of change + transaction costs [1].

> In particular, are any Eurozone sponsors on a deal that allows them to
> pay in EUR at some future date closer to DebConf?

That's IMHO a sensitive question (with regards to potential and acquired 
sponsors), but let's say "not much".

> The question on my mind: would the SNB continue that arrangement if a
> fundamental breakdown of trust occurs?

Please ask that question to SNB, it's nothing we can do or know about [2].

> If CHF is unshackled from EUR between now and August, what is the impact on
> DC13?

As we have been proactively moving funds to Switzerland (and to CHF) and as we 
expect most expenses to be paid in CHF currency [3], my perception of the 
eventual impact is that it is rather low. But I'm no finances specialist.

> At the very least, I suspect that people paying for their own attendance
> may want to consider going to buy some Swiss bank notes now and putting
> them in a safe place rather than assuming they will get the same
> exchange rate in August.

I think that this type of speculations [4] are none of the DebConf team 
business: people can do whatever they want with their money. We should IMHO 
absolutely not issue advices either way. The thing we should (and intend to) 
do is to be as clear as possible with what we expect from attendees (aka if we 
want them to pay in CHF, in BTC, in EUR or in USD; aka when we expect them to 
pay, etc).

I fully trust our treasurers to handle all these issues with sufficient care 
[5]. So I thank you for rising this concern, but I'd be happy if you could 
trust them too.



[0] There's the DebConf Team, the DebConf chairs, or the DebConf13 association
[1] Nothing special, really.
[2] And if I knew, I would be in a very privileged position, trust me.
[3] Yes, of course, we are taking non-CHF travel sponsorship into account.
[4] Only Moray can tell you the lottery numbers :-) 
[5] Including asking for advice when needed.

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