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add accessibility section to "List of sections" pages? RE: Autodesk, AutoCAD Customers Emails list Be the first to avail Turkey Data before your Competitor !! Bug#948969: malformed URI in the wnpp pages produces "Tidy validation failed" messages Bug#950503: remove /banners subpage Bug#951317: make favicon the same an the all debian websites Bug#951444: List packages where maintainer might be unfit Bug#952593: FTBFS in buster: liblocale-codes-perl package required for building /english/doc/devel-manuals Bug#952670: issues with suites not using MD5 checksums Bug#952826: [] partners: convert svg graphics into png to make tidy happy dayananda sagar college of engineering Debian was always one of the best os I very much like, but those days I am having very big problems installing debian, especially because of edit boot sector. The new debian should also covering this challenges otherwise users will lose interest in debian. I have also tried ubuntu 19, but it is this problem. Debian website No Problem at Processed: reassign 951439 to Processed: reassign 951444 to Question about how to signalate a missing dependency for package Re: Tidy validation failed Typo Unable to access wiki Update for useful topics and commit messages within git commits on webwml repository Wiki Down/Misconfigured The last update was on 07:32 GMT Sun Dec 27. There are 57 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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