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Re: Tidy validation failed

Hi debian-www members,

在 2020-02-14五的 15:49 +0000,Debian Webmaster写道:
> *** /srv/www.debian.org/www/distrib/pre-installed.zh-cn.html
> line 666 column 3 - Warning: plain text isn't allowed in <tr> elements
> line 659 column 3 - Info: <tr> previously mentioned
> --
>  You received this mail for the language code zh-cn.
>  Please edit webwml/english/devel/website/validation.data if this is not
> accurate.
>  Please also update webwml/english/devel/website/ with the new
> coordinator(s) data.

I have been receiving this error for days but have no idea on how to resolve
the issue. The rendered HTML is indeed wrong but the source seems to be using
valid grammar. Can anyone take a look into it?

Boyuan Yang

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