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Re: useful topics and commit messages within git commits on webwml repository

Hello Archit,

Am 23.02.20 um 17:04 schrieb Archit Warghane:
> Hello Calum, Team
> Do you think if we enforce some sort of tagging with commits might help readability?
> For example, I use these tags to all of my projects
> [Feature]
> [Refactor]
> [Fix]
> [Chore]
> [Tests]
> ex: [Refactor | Fix | Chore | Featur | Tests ] Ticket Number - Description
> it's not much, but it helps some times...

I know such techniques and I'm thinking for while how the work for
contributors of the webwml repository could be improved. The reasoning
to use such tags is quite obvious.

I'm happy if would come to a generic template that contributors are free
to use. To get things further we could start to collect things on a sub
site within the Debian Wiki and discuss this all at a BoF or team meeting.

Git can use templates for commit messages. We could try to use this. We
also could use hooks to check for simple things.

Carsten Schoenert

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