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Re: add accessibility section to "List of sections" pages?

On Wed, Feb 12, 2020 at 7:51 PM Rich Morin wrote:

> The Debian "List of sections" pages (eg, https://packages.debian.org/stable)

I believe that this list is based on the list of sections defined in
the Debian archive:


> have no section for accessibility.  Please consider adding one
> I'd be happy to help in assembling a starting point for the package list.

Please discuss that with the accessibility team:


I think the needed action here is to report some bugs:


One against ftp.debian.org asking to create the section.

One against ftp.debian.org asking to override the section for the
relevant packages.


One against each of the relevant packages asking to update the section.

One against www.debian.org (usertagged for packages.debian.org) asking
to add the accessibility section description.



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