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Re: useful topics and commit messages within git commits on webwml repository

Hello Sebul,

Am 23.02.20 um 04:00 schrieb sebul:
> Is there a problem?
> These are Korean translations.
> I'm Korean tranlation coordinator.
> Who can help Korean translation ?

I think you have missed my point.

It's not about translating into Korean, that's fine and there's nothing
I could fault with.

My criticism is only about how you use the VCS.

In the past 365 days about 104 contributors have provided additions to
the master branch. You are one of these people.

> $ git shortlog -s --branches=master --since="one year ago" | wc -l
> 104

Means that about *103* other contributors have also done git commits in
order to being able to made additions to the git tree. That's not a
small amount of contributors!

Looking at the commit messages you have done and comparing these with
the other commit messages you will see that your commit messages are
mostly just one word (but not all).

Now image someone has to go back only about 180 days because in August
last year some change to the git tree was made that might have
introduced some regression. What probably all people here will do is
starting to investigate by having a view on the commit messages for that
time span.

> $ git log --pretty=format:"%ad - %an: %s" --after="2019-08-01" --until="2019-08-31"

Try to find out what you have done in your commits only by looking at
this output because that's what the investigator needs to do.
Would you agree that the subject other people have used for their commit
is probably more helpful to decide which commit it's worth to get a
closer look?
Would you also agree that subject lines like "Syncing" or simply
"$package" are not a good choice in case you have only the subject line
to decide?

Working on an translation for the webwml repository costs probably more
than 15min-30min with some local testing of your work, writing a
declarative and good git commit message will take about 1min-3min. Is it
really worth to "save" 45 seconds here in the end on your side and make
searching stuff within the git tree for other people more painful?
We are all volunteers and doing work for Debian in our spare time. And
this work needs to make fun, otherwise contributors have no reason to do
such work for free.

Please take about 5min and have a look at the following website and
think about it. This site is now over 5 years old!



Carsten Schoenert

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