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Re: New deb mother tongue - proposed solution

On Sat, Aug 17, 2002 at 02:09:07PM -0700, Robin Rowe wrote:
> I have a number of questions that I will need to ask the person doing the
> debian.org Apache patch install. One example, what version of Apache do we
> need to patch to be in sync with what debian.org will be running when we
> make our delivery?

The one referenced by http://packages.debian.org/apache as stable. Currently
that's 1.3.26, and it'll very likely stay that way for at least six months.

This information is not admin-only. Please, ask the remaining questions
here first.

> You suggested earlier that the reason nobody has volunteered to create this
> patch is general laziness. A reported advantage of open source projects is
> that you get to deal directly with the relevant person, without wasting time
> going through intermediaries. I notice is that debian-admin is a closed
> list. Could it be the reason nobody offers to create this patch is that
> Debian is so bureaucratic that it drives away capable volunteers?

Nah. It's really not related to debian-admin, rather, this list (debian-www).
In fact, you'd get nowhere trying to get debian-admin members to cooperate,
because they have other things to do than to debug a random problem that
debian-www is supposed to be dealing with.

What we need is a patch for apache. The patch can be tested on any machine
running Debian GNU/Linux 3.0, it doesn't all have to be done on
www.debian.org instantly. The testing is easy and straightforward -- just
make sure that ten or twenty random combinations of "Accept-Language"
headers work with the patch, and that the targeted behaviour (with en-* etc)
is changed as intended. When then is done, any one of us who deal with
packages (plenty of such people here :) will integrate the patch into the
apache package and make sure the package is fine with that. After that we'll
forward the debs to the admins for installation, which means they'll run one
command under super-user privileges, and voila.

Once again, the most problematic part here is making a proper patch, not
having it deployed.

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