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Re: New deb mother tongue - proposed solution

On Thu, Aug 15, 2002 at 12:18:28PM -0700, Robin Rowe wrote:
> Has anyone asked them if they think this is a bug? Perhaps they see it as
> a difference of opinion as to the meaning of the standard?

Well, IIRC, the "en-us" which they tend to put in as a default is fine,
it's just that this limits English to U.S. English and no other English,
whereas nobody really makes separate web pages for each version of English,
including Debian.

The "*" is broken, but as far as we know, that was only in some special
localized versions, it was fixed in the latest versions of IE.

> Has anyone from Debian talked with the Apache team about this issue? Does
> Apache feel it is worth addressing?

I seem to remember comments from Jay Treacy, who is also a Debian web editor,
that he filed some bugs against Apache and that the upstream maintainers
ignored them.

It's time to try again, anyway. I've talked to Debian Apache package
maintainers and one of them said that he could try to persuade Apache
upstream people to look at it again.

> Since Debian is the main user of this feature, does it fall to Debian to
> provide the patch to Apache?

Likely :)

> Does Debian care enough to try to get it fixed for everyone instead of
> just doing workaround hacks?

Word has it, apache 1.3 CN code was hairy. Combine that with general
laziness, and you get no volunteers :)

> Who at Debian is the person responsible for the smooth working of the
> Content-Negotiation language feature?

Well, that question is a bit vague... for our own web servers, it's the
webmasters, for all apache itself, it's the apache package maintainers.

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