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Re: New deb mother tongue - proposed solution

On Sat, Aug 17, 2002 at 10:37:42AM -0700, Robin Rowe wrote:
> I need to know who the sysadmin will be who we are working with. Can you
> have someone named on the sysadmin list chime in to volunteer to be our lead
> for the installation?

Well, no. The process is this -- we test the fix on our machines, make a
package, verify that in theory that it can install on Debian 3.0 (in case we
developed it on some other machine), put the package up on the machine, and
ask on the admin mailing list for the package to be installed. This last
step usually takes less than a day so it's not really a problem.

After it's installed, I make the package available somewhere and mail a
dozen web mirror admins so that they can update their machines, too. And the
patch, too, of course, in case some of the mirrors still don't run Debian :)

> My schedule estimate would be to complete implementation and testing within
> 90 days. As test lead, would that suit you?

Hey, as soon as you like. :)

> Nobody has responded to my question about Microsoft and Apache contacts.
> You said that you thought that IE was fixed in the latest version. I'm
> assuming I don't need to contact Microsoft, but that it falls to me to
> figure out who to work with at Apache to get our patch accepted there. Is
> that right?

Well, IE is fixed not to request "*", but it still requests "en-us" etc.

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