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Re: New deb mother tongue - proposed solution


Thanks, I appreciate your offer and am considering it. Just so I understand,
exactly what is your role with debian.org? Do you have access (that is,
passwords) to the server to install patches?

Who are the debian.org webmasters? I couldn't find that information on
debian.org. It seems quite anonymous. Why is that? Where's the org chart?



P.S. Not to be skeptical, it is amazing that it is "implied" Debian will
(promptly?) install and test any patch offered. Many programmers create
patches for the Linux kernel and other things that take years to get
installed and tested.
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Subject: Re: New deb mother tongue - proposed solution

> On Fri, Aug 16, 2002 at 02:57:31PM -0700, Robin Rowe wrote:
> > > Word has it, apache 1.3 CN code was hairy. Combine that with general
> > > laziness, and you get no volunteers :)
> >
> > Nobody from debian.org has stepped up to say he will install and test
> > fix if somebody else would provide a patch.
> Oh, but that is implied! We'd _gladly_ get the fix tested.
> > Until that happens, there's no point in me or anyone volunteering to
> > the engineering effort to create an Apache Content-Negotiation patch to
> > fix the bug with languages as displayed at debian.org.
> Please consider this an offer to install and test the fix that you might
> make :)
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