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Re: New deb mother tongue - proposed solution


> http://www.debian.org/intro/organization

Thanks, I should have found that. I searched instead on the word "webmaster"
which isn't anywhere.

I need to know who the sysadmin will be who we are working with. Can you
have someone named on the sysadmin list chime in to volunteer to be our lead
for the installation? Once that happens I'll put creating the patch in
motion. Just to be explicit, you are volunteering to lead testing?

    Installation: who?
    Testing: Josip
    Engineering: Robin

My schedule estimate would be to complete implementation and testing within
90 days. As test lead, would that suit you?

Nobody has responded to my question about Microsoft and Apache contacts. You
said that you thought that IE was fixed in the latest version. I'm assuming
I don't need to contact Microsoft, but that it falls to me to figure out who
to work with at Apache to get our patch accepted there. Is that right?

Any questions or concerns? Anything left out?



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