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Re: Translating "Debian Women"

Quoting gregor herrmann (gregoa@debian.org):

> > But, if I talk to a fellow developer in French, I'll most certainly
> > use "tu".
> "Most certainly" is interesting, since it leaves some room for
> exceptions.
> Interesting ...

Still, I can't think of one (when it comes at other DDs). With users
(for instance people met at booths, or people I might interact with in
a mailing list or in the BTS) and, in general, people I have less
interaction with, my mileage may vary. This is mostly
because it is not "natural" for French (but I suspect it is similar
for most others)  to address a person one never met with the informal

Unwritten conventions in day to day life do, for instance, make very
weird someone addressing an elder with "tu", at least without being
invited in some way to do so. So, even if the social conventions in
the free software world are  much more relaxed, there are certainly
cases where I wouldn't address a bug reporter or another user in
debian-user-french, with "tu".

But, again, being the formal person I am, I would nearly never address
my reader, in a documentation, with "tu".

Anyway, by definition, all these conventions are indeed completely
weird and unlogical..tu t'en doutes....!

Und ich wünsche *dir* eine guten Morgen, Gregor (I bet these is a broken
declination somewhere).

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