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Re: Translating "Debian Women"

Quoting gregor herrmann (gregoa@debian.org):

> Out of curiosity (and without being able to help for the Spanish
> case, although my _guess_ is that French is more formal than
> Spanish):
> Do you see/make a difference for written texts addressing _users_/the
> general public and others addressing (potential) fellow
> _contributors_?

Not really. We're using "vous" nearly everywhere, including, for
instance, the developer's reference.

But, if I talk to a fellow developer in French, I'll most certainly
use "tu".

> > > > "If you are interested..." (and other verb/adjectives) can be
> > > > translated as "si está interesado..." (male + neutral gender) or "si
> > > > está interesada.." (female). I've used the female form, but the Debian
> > > > Women project is for everybody, so I was not sure if keeping the 
> > > > neutral (male) form.
> IMHO: Using the female-only form in a Debian _Women_ context sounds
> perfectly fine to me.

Seems fine to me too.

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