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Translating "Debian Women"

Hello again!
As I said before, I'm translating to Spanish the web pages about Debian Women.
I have some doubts which I sent to the translators list, but I also
wanted to know your opinions here.

In Spanish we have two forms for "you": "usted" (formal) and "tú"
(informal). We use the formal way in the translations of the Debian
documentation and website, but in this pages with an "outreach"
purpose, I was not sure if switching to the informal way to setup a
closer link with the reader. What do you think?

"If you are interested..." (and other verb/adjectives) can be
translated as "si está interesado..." (male + neutral gender) or "si
está interesada.." (female). I've used the female form, but the Debian
Women project is for everybody, so I was not sure if keeping the
neutral (male) form.

I hope I didn't open Pandora's box...

Laura Arjona

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