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Re: Updating profiles

* Meike Reichle <mrei0999@uni-hildesheim.de> [2006:02:28 09:20 +0100]: 
> Agreed, I also tried to give that a little shove some time ago, but it
> (obviously) didn't really work out ;)
> Since the page is quite long by now I would also propose to add a few
> anchors or something to the top to make it more usable.

Yes, that was touched on on IRC the other day. I've considered looking
at it, though I don't know when exactly I will have the time.

So far, Helen has given me updates for her profile already, though, so
at least that will be done.

> Cheers,
> Meike
> PS: Christine, congrats on finally getting your AM :)

Thank you!

A. Christine Spang

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