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Re: Hello and introduction

* Tina Isaksen <tina@bestemselv.com> [2006:02:24 07:45 +0100]: 
> Hello to the list!

Hi Tina, welcome.

> My name is Tina, I'm living in Norway and just subscribed after learning 
> about the Debian women project on the Debian user forum.

Oh hey, so word gets around? Good to know!

> About a year ago I got fed up with MS and changed to Linux and a Debian 
> based distro (Libranet), and the fun in computers was suddenly back. But 
> when that distro went down the drain I switched to pure Debian and I 
> just love it. Out of curiosity I have tried various other distros but no 
> one is quite like Debian.

I had the same experience when I switched to Linux. I am not sure what I
did with computers before Linux, really, though my experience started at
a much later age.

> I have not yet involved my self directly in the Debian project other 
> than being active on some forums and generally promote Debian.
> I have recently taken up programming, choosing Python as my language 
> after some consideration, with the main goal of sometime in the future 
> writing software for Debian. I'm currently, as a learning project, 
> working on a graphical front-end to apt and having a ball.

I hear Python is a good choice -- we recently had a Python tutorial
given by Lars Wirzenius. I expect he'll post a summary pretty soon.
There are also lots of scripts in Debian (I'm thinking of the ones that
run the archive in particular) which are written in Python, so it'll
definitely serve you well in the future!

Anyway, welcome aboard. I like seeing these little bios from new
members. :)

off the chain like a rebellious guanine nucleotide

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