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Hello and introduction

Hello to the list!

My name is Tina, I'm living in Norway and just subscribed after learning about the Debian women project on the Debian user forum.

A short bio:
I started with computer when the 'home computer' came around in the mid eighties writing all kinds of BASIC and later Pascal programs. When the PC came along I could not afford one until the mid nineties and then I drifted into the Microsoft haze. About a year ago I got fed up with MS and changed to Linux and a Debian based distro (Libranet), and the fun in computers was suddenly back. But when that distro went down the drain I switched to pure Debian and I just love it. Out of curiosity I have tried various other distros but no one is quite like Debian.

I have not yet involved my self directly in the Debian project other than being active on some forums and generally promote Debian. I have recently taken up programming, choosing Python as my language after some consideration, with the main goal of sometime in the future writing software for Debian. I'm currently, as a learning project, working on a graphical front-end to apt and having a ball.

I'm looking forward to learn more about the Debian women project and get to know you all.

All the best

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