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Re: Hello and introduction

Louis Moore, aka, lostinfog: semi retired computer security analyst for The Children's Hospital in Denver.

Been a programmer in a number of languages (MIIS, PL/1, Fortran,
Vax Assembly (macro as it was called), perl, et. al); sys admined AOS/VS, MVS/XA, VMS, ATT Sys V unix, Ultrix, Linux; managed a network that grew from 40 nodes across 11 closets of shared ethernet to 3500 nodes across 40 closets with switched 10/100/1000 and a puddle of WAN stuff. Got stuck in security because I knew too many technologies 8-) and Ick.

Started as a debian user in 1997. In general, I find that the DW folks make debian the project much more approachable for the person with less time. They tend to be more open, more willing to support, not wastefully abrasive. In addition, you can find a good level of technical skill, humor, and general civility... which can be rare in a FOSS organization.

Have some FOSS aspirations as well, NM is one possibility and I am working on bring forth a FOSS project (for book dealers and collectors) at a turtle like pace.


On Sat, 25 Feb 2006, Christian Perrier wrote:

Anyway, welcome aboard. I like seeing these little bios from new
members. :)

Older members could also send mini bios, by the way.....Who begins? :-)

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