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Re: Localizing main site?

* Jutta Wrage wrote:
> Am 18.06.2005 um 14:22 schrieb Dafydd Harries:
> >Arch also works over HTTP.
> That was written to show one of the differences between CVS and SVN.  
> - - Context is important.

I believe this was meant in the same context: to show a difference between
CVS and Arch, or if you prefer: a commonality between SVN and Arch.

> >Having said all of that, I wholeheartedly agree that Bazaar has  
> >usability
> >problems, particularly when things go wrong.[0] But given that
> It is not only a usability problem, that can be solved in IRC (not  
> all women may have time to access IRC). Distributed archives are not  
> purposed for centralised systems, And that can cause problems even if  
> people know how ot handle baz in general.

As Dafydd already said, Arch is used in a centralized way for the DW website.
There is, as far as I can see, no difference at all to the way this would be
handled with CVS or SVN.

What you do is tell Arch where to find the archive, then checkout the sources
and follow the usual working cycle: update, make changes, test and commit.
That procedure is the same when you use CVS or SVN, except that the details
may vary. But even the details are pretty similar, since bazaar uses the same
names for common commands as CVS or SVN (update, diff, commit, etc.).

> The build of the webssite should be done on the server and not at  
> home on a personal computer from the archive there. Makes much more  
> sense to get that working instead of telling again and again how to  
> handle the tree with baz correctly.

This would indeed be the best solution. And this will work once the Alioth
move from haydn to costa is complete. It is currently not possible.

> Bazaar is just overhead. But if the sense of all ist just learning baz
> instead of getting better and more content to the website: then you are
> right.

Bazaar is not more overhead than CVS or SVN would be.

> And, no, I cannot understand, why it must be much more difficult to  
> contribute to debian-women website than to the main debian pages.  
> Please keep in mind, that those making web content normally are not  
> the programmers/Maintainers. Much of the content/translations on  
> www.d.o is done by people who are not Debian Developers at all. DDs  
> never should forget about that.

Based on what has been said so far, I do not believe that it is more
difficult to contribute to the Debian Women website than it is to contribute
to the main Debian pages.

I know that using a RCS can be daunting, but I currently don't see a better
way to achieve the same goals.

> Everyhting needs the simpliest tool, that solves a problem in  
> question as well as possible and not the biggest tool, one can get  
> (and that makes things more difficult).

What would be the simplest tool in this case? I'm open to suggestions. Maybe
to make it easier for translators we could provide a tarball of the latest
English sources on the website? People could then download this tarball,
translate the files contained therein and send a tarball with the
translations back to women-website@lists.alioth.debian.org.

> If every women/member wanted to put an own version on different  
> servers, bazaar might be the right tool.

Again, I don't really see how using Arch would differ from using CVS or SVN
if this were the goal.


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